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Handmade eMagazine - March 2014

Archive for February 2011

WSP to Canada - Free UPS Ground

I am pleased to announce that beginning immediately Wholesale Supplies Plus has expanded its Free UPS Ground Shipping program to include Canada!

Canadian customers will see free ground shipping in their shopping cart now.  They are responsible for customs, duties and brokerage fees.

Debbie May
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List of Low Cost Fragrance Oils

Wholesale Supplies Plus has recently lowered the price on many different fragrance oils.  

Last night, I received many requests from people asking for a master list of low cost fragrances. Since our prices are now based on real time costs, I do not have such a list.  I did take the time to go through the site and make a list that may help. 

All fragrances are the Crafter's Choice Brand and the same quality we have always purchased.

Listed below are all of our oils that are less than $20/lb. Prices include free shipping in the Continental USA.

Rainforest Fragrance Oil 502 -$ 10.16 /lb.
Juicy Cherry Type Fragrance Oil 470 -$ 13.27 /lb.
Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil 636 -$ 13.47 /lb.
Peony* Fragrance Oil 424 -$ 14.14 /lb.
Margarita Lime Fragrance Oil 472 -$ 14.14 /lb.
Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance Oil 469 -$ 14.74 /lb.
Mulberry Fragrance Oil 185 -$ 14.99 /lb.
Mango Papaya Fragrance Oil 498 -$ 15.01 /lb.
Almond Fragrance Oil 101 -$ 15.20 /lb.
Melon Ball Fragrance Oil 467 -$ 15.48 /lb.
Bazooka B-Gum Fragrance Oil 186 -$ 15.64 /lb.
Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil 496 -$ 15.85 /lb.
Lavender & Basil Fragrance Oil 629 -$ 16.05 /lb.
Cotton Candy Twist Fragrance Oil 127 -$ 16.14 /lb.
Vanilla Buttercream Fragrance Oil 339 -$ 16.51 /lb.
French Vanilla Fragrance Oil 639 -$ 16.57 /lb.
Green Apple Fragrance Oil 266 -$ 16.73 /lb.
Purely Peppermint Fragrance Oil 278 -$ 16.73 /lb.
Strawberries & Cream Fragrance Oil 286 -$ 16.73 /lb.
Marichino Cherry Fragrance Oil 181 -$ 16.78 /lb.
Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil 228 -$ 16.78 /lb.
Lilac in Bloom Fragrance Oil 443 -$ 16.78 /lb.
Lavender Fragrance Oil 344 -$ 16.78 /lb.
Banana Coconut Fragrance Oil 325 -$ 16.96 /lb.
Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oil 203 -$ 17.08 /lb.
Wedding Bouquet Fragrance Oil 327 -$ 17.17 /lb.
Eucalyptus Fragrance Oil 244 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Vineyard Type Fragrance Oil 293 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Fudge Brownie Fragrance Oil 299 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Maple Pecan Streusel Fragrance Oil 303 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Strawberry Jam Fragrance Oil 156 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Spiced Cranberry Fragrance Oil 149 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Garden of Paradise Fragrance Oil 112 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Sage & Citrus Type Fragrance Oil 144 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Sunflower Type Fragrance Oil 306 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Garden Mint* Fragrance Oil 319 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil 281 -$ 17.25 /lb.
White Gardenia Flowers Fragrance Oil 206 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Vanilla Lavender Fragrance Oil 491 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Sandalwood Incense Fragrance Oil 168 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Honeysuckle Hollow Fragrance Oil 301 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Santa's Pipe Fragrance Oil 516 -$ 17.25 /lb.
Christmas Eve Type Fragrance Oil 571 -$ 17.43 /lb.
Orange Cream Vanilla Fragrance Oil 388 -$ 17.47 /lb.
Cookie & Cream Pie Fragrance Oil 501 -$ 17.58 /lb.
Hazelnut Cappuccino Fragrance Oil 164 -$ 17.60 /lb.
French Vanilla Pear Fragrance Oil 271 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Vanilla Blossom Fragrance Oil 480 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Guava Fig Fragrance Oil 560 -$ 17.71 /lb.
South Pacific Waters Fragrance Oil 564 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Sun Dried Cotton Fragrance Oil 471 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Soothing Sandalwood Fragrance Oil 449 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Goat Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil 255 -$ 17.71 /lb.
Crackling Firewood Fragrance Oil 618 -$ 17.75 /lb.
Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Oil 333 -$ 17.96 /lb.
Nantucket Briar (2004 Version) Type FO 350 -$ 17.96 /lb.
Cherry Almond Fragrance Oil 171 -$ 18.04 /lb.
Love Fragrance Oil 177 -$ 18.42 /lb.
Orange Cranberry Fragrance Oil 274 -$ 18.42 /lb.
Vanilla Fragrance Oil 291 -$ 18.45 /lb.
Apple Pie Fragrance Oil 104 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Berries & Cream Fragrance Oil 105 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Blueberry Fragrance Oil 109 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Cinnabun Fragrance Oil 300 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Apple Orchard Fragrance Oil 273 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Bergamot & Mandarin Type Fragrance Oil 190 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Cucumber Mint Fragrance Oil 312 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Clean Laundry Fragrance Oil 331 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Cupcake Fragrance Oil 360 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Bamboo Fragrance Oil 253 -$ 18.54 /lb.
Sex in the Shower Fragrance Oil 429 -$ 18.56 /lb.
Clove Fragrance Oil 237 -$ 18.78 /lb.
Stormy Nights Type Fragrance Oil 313 -$ 18.86 /lb.
Black Amber Musk Fragrance Oil 547 -$ 18.86 /lb.
Apple Caramel Crunch Fragrance Oil 558 -$ 18.86 /lb.
Pomegranate Fragrance Oil 276 -$ 18.88 /lb.
Butterfly Meadows Fragrance Oil 486 -$ 19.04 /lb.
Beach Daisies Fragrance Oil 456 -$ 19.04 /lb.
Banana Cream Pie Fragrance Oil 358 -$ 19.04 /lb.
Victorian Rose Fragrance Oil 483 -$ 19.07 /lb.
Banana Fragrance Oil 183 -$ 19.39 /lb.
Grammy Annie's Kitchen Fragrance Oil 337 -$ 19.62 /lb.

Click here to view all fragrance oils.

In the next 6 weeks, look for our new “Fragrance Finder” to go live. This new tool will allow you to perform advance searches on all of our fragrance and essential oils!

Working Hard for Your Success!
Debbie May
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New Crafter's Choice Clamshell Molds

Wholesale Supplies Plus is pleased to introduce an expanded line of Crafter's Choice Clamshell Soap Molds!

Clamshells are plastic molds that double as a packaging item.  Simply pour the soap and apply the lid, label and the soap is ready to sell.  Clamshells save you considerable money in production costs...helping make your business more profitable!

Crafter's Choice Clamshells come in several basic shapes such as heart, oval and rectangle as well as artistic designs that include victorian, celtic and seasonal.

If you are looking for a way to introduce something new, give these a try and see for yourself how easy soapmaking can be!

Click here for additional information on the Crafter's Choice line of clamshell molds.

Working Hard for Your Success!
Debbie May
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Notice: WSP Min Order Changes & Pick Up Discounts

Due to the recent decreases in small quantity price breaks, we have implemented the following changes:
  1. Wholesale Supplies Plus will have a minimum order requirement of $30. This may be waived for customers placing an order in our showroom.
  2.  Wholesale Supplies Plus will no longer have an automatic 25% off discount for pick up customers. Our "pick up" customers that are experiencing this change are encouraged to use our "price match" program for items they feel they can purchase elsewhere.

Click here for details on our "Best Price Guarantee Program" that allows us to price match items. It is a very simple process and we encourage all customers to use when able.

Click here to visit Wholesale Supplies Plus and check out the new prices!

Sincerely Yours,
Deborah May
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Notice: WSP Price Changes

Wholesale Supplies Plus understands that the cost of ingredients is going up. It isn't just our industry but everything from groceries to gasoline. It saddens me to talk to people that are going out of business because they feel they cannot make a profit based on the overall cost of doing business.

For the past month, the team at WSP has been working hard to try and bring you any additional product discounts we can muster. We want to help you make more profit from the products you sell!

Therefore, effective immediately our team has made the following changes to the WSP website:
  1. All product pricing is based on real time costs. We will no longer project commodity increases and change prices in advance. Instead we will only price products based on our cost at the time of purchase. Likewise, when a product drops in price this lower price will be passed onto you immediately and not a week or month later.
  2. We will no longer “bucket” price product groups. An example of bucket pricing is when products are priced in groups regardless of their cost. We use to do this with “Economy, Standard or Premium” fragrance oils. In the case of these fragrances, you will now find each is priced based the exact cost of the formula. Products that were traditionally "bucket priced" were fragrances, ready to use bases, molds, colors and packaging. For an idea on how this will save you money, check out Rainforest Fragrance Oil - it is now only $2.04 for a 2 oz bottle! Check out the savings on Shower Gel and Basic Lotion Bases too!!
  3. We will continue to save you money with Free UPS Ground Shipping in the Continental USA.
Over the past week, we have been looking at this new pricing system. We have found that while it will cost WSP a considerable amount of profit, it benefits you…which is the goal. For the vast majority of customers, a one year analysis of orders shows that each customer should save money. We feel we will make up the lost profit by attracting new customers to many of these new lower prices.

We understand that a change this dramatic will not be perfect. Over the next several days we will be looking at ways to massage the system and further improve pricing for you. In the case of fragrance oils that have had a substantial increase, we will be working on ways to lower those formula costs.

If you have any questions, concerns or feel something looks “off” on the pricing of a product…please do not hesitate to contact me personally! It is my sincere goal to help you succeed! My email is

Click here to visit Wholesale Supplies Plus and check out the new prices!

Sincerely Yours,
Deborah May
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Sale: Select Potpourri Botanicals

Wholesale Supplies Plus has the following botanical and herbs are on closeout/sale. 

Closeout/Sale prices are 28-58% off.  Items include:

Buckwheat Hulls
Catnip Leaf
Cinnamon Chip Shreds
Flax Seed
Hibiscus Flowers
Lemon Peel
Lemon Verbena Leaves
Rose Hips - Whole
Rose Hips - Seedless
Sachet Beads
Tarragon Leaves
Wooden Acorns

Click here to view additional information.

Working Hard for Your Success!
Debbie May
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Quick 3 Day Sale - Plastic Bottles

Wholesale Supplies Plus is running a quick 3 day sale on all plastic bottles. 

Sale prices are 10-25% off.  Bottles include FREE shipping in the Continental USA.  Sale is only for bottles in stock. 

If an item runs out of stock, a rain check cannot be issued.  Sale will end midnight (est time zone) 2/16/2011.

Click here to view all plastic bottles.

Working Hard for Your Success!
Debbie May
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Help Preserve Our Industry - Your Contribution Is Needed!

During the week of February 8th, I visited our nation’s capital for scheduled meetings with several Republican and Democratic lawmakers. I was invited and accompanied by Leigh O’Donnell, President the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild (HSMG), and HSMG professional advocates Mary Anne Walsh and Rick Limardo, with the firm Roetzel and Andress.

Over the course of two days we met with twelve Congressional offices to gather information, express our concerns, and to provide education about the impact the Safe Cosmetics Act would have on our industry. It was an exhaustingly busy trip and I am glad I went because I found it to be nothing but encouraging. We were met by many people that currently use and love their handmade products. We communicated a clear message and it was obvious to me that no one wants to do harm to our industry.

Of particular interest was our meeting with the Congressional staff of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-9) and Congressman Ed Markey (MA-7) who were the lead cosponsors of last year’s Safe Cosmetics Act (H.R. 5786). Our meeting was encouraging and productive. It afforded us the opportunity to convey our concerns regarding the legislation and directly clarify several of the unintended consequences the legislation. We did confirm that Congresswoman Schakowsky intends to introduce a revised version of the legislation late spring 2011. The timing of our visit enabled us to offer input and guidance as to how the bill can be improved upon to ensure the vitality of our industry. Equally important, we were told that we can expect an ongoing dialogue as the bill is drafted. In short we now have a seat at the table in how this legislation may look when introduced!

Another key meeting was with Congressman John Dingell’s office. Congressman Dingell has a keen interest in advancing safe cosmetics legislation, but is also clearly committed to provisions that would adequately accommodate small manufacturers, their businesses and the workers they employ. We and our Washington advocates were very pleased by Congressman Dingell’s position and will continue to work with his office to promote the interests of our industry and the necessary protections for our seeking to establish, maintain and grow their small businesses.

Unfortunately, the hard work has only begun.

In order to make our industry known, have a seat at the negotiations table and avoid becoming collateral damage in any federal legislation, it has become necessary to hire professional representation in DC. The cost for this effort is over $9,000 a month.

Therefore, Wholesale Supplies Plus is doing 3 things to support this very important cause:
  • Debbie May will travel as often as invited to Washington DC at her own expense.
  • Wholesale Supplies Plus customers will now have the opportunity to “throwing in their change” at order checkout AND Wholesale Supplies Plus will make an identical match to the donation. At the end of each month, 100% of the combined amount will go into The HSMG Legislative Fund.
  • Debbie May will continue to encourage all soapmakers, hobbyists and professionals, to join The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild. The HSMG is here to promote our industry and ensure it remains viable so for future generations. A significant portion of the member dues support their legislative efforts. Note: A new soap maker (not yet selling soap) pays only $80/year to belong!

It is important that starting today we pull together. We now have a voice in Washington DC. We cannot stop when the momentum is finally with us.

Please consider joining the HSMG or making a donation to the legislative fund. Together we can make a difference!

Working Hard for Your Success!

Debbie May
Links of Interest:

Join the HSMG
Direct donations to the HSMG Legislative Fund
Wholesale Supplies Plus – Place an order and make a donation
Debbie May’s Advocacy Page & Policy Positions
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Free Advertising for Customers!


The authors for Debbie are seeking small businesses to interview for weekly articles.  We want to highlight your products, business and personal stories.

If you are a customer of Wholesale Supplies Plus and would like to be interviewed, please email me at

Working Hard for Your Success!
Debbie May
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