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Handmade eMagazine - March 2014

Archive for July 2011

New Recipe: Salt Scrub Scoops - Watermelon

Watermelon Salt Scrub Scoops are a profitable addition to any bath and body product line!!  Mix and match different colors or fragrance to highlight the time of year, holiday or season!

This recipe makes approximately 60 scoops.

Click Here to view the FREE recipe for this project.

Working Hard for Your Success!

Debbie May

New Kit & Recipe: Don't Bug Me Spray (All Natural)

Don't Bug Me Spray is a great "all natural" summer camp spray that is loved by children and adults as it works well leaving skin feeling silky smooth!! 

Kit makes (4) 4 ounce bottles of spray.

Kit Cost: $11.14
Suggested Retail Price: $7.95 per bar

Click Here to view the exact contents of this kit.
Click Here to view the FREE recipe for this project.

Working Hard for Your Success!

Debbie May

New Recipe & Kit: Layered Fluorescent Soap Loaf

This soap smells like a fruity summertime drink! Pouring at an angle gives a fun twist to the soap. For bright neon colors, use the extra clear MP soap base.

Kit makes (16) bars of soap.

Kit Cost: $86.11
Suggested Retail Price: $7.95 per bar

Note:  This kit includes extra soap, color and fragrance that can be used to make additional single bars of soap!

Click Here to view the exact contents of this kit.
Click Here to view the FREE recipe for this project.

Working Hard for Your Success!

Debbie May

Life Center for Autism Foundation Announces Donation

Thank you for your support - you have made a difference!!

Due to the generosity of those that care, the Wholesale Supplies Plus “throw in your change” program has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Life Center for Autism Foundation.

After months of planning, Life Center for Autism Foundation (LCA) is making a donation of $125,000 to Bellfaire JCB for the purpose of building a vocational center, servicing individuals and families impacted with autism spectrum disorders.

This vocation center compliments current successful services on the Bellfaire JCB campus which include preschool, day school, extended school year, transitional education program, recreation center and boarding academy.

When asked about this sizable donation Debbie May, Founder and Board President of LCA, states, “We are pleased to partner and support such a wonderful program. Many students age out of school services at the age of 21 and unfortunately have a very lonely future. This unique program and center will provide adults with the opportunity to make friends, socialize and contribute in society through structured vocational programs. It is my hope that this center will provide as a model for additional centers around the country.“

As construction progresses, look for updates and additional information. The grand opening is being planned for January 2012.

Wholesale Supplies, Broadview Heights Ohio,  is an internet distributor of materials to make soap, cosmetics and candles.  Customers have the opportunity to donate to Life Center for Autism Foundation by “throwing in their change” and round their order up to the nearest dollar. Wholesale Supplies Plus matches each donation made.  For additional information visit

Life Center for Autism Foundation is a non profit 501(c)3 foundation with the mission to socially enhance the lives of those who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. The foundation was founded by Dave and Debbie May. For additional information visit

Bellefaire JCB was founded as an orphanage in 1868 and today provides a variety of behavioral health, education, and prevention services for children, adolescents and their families.  Their division Monarch Center for Autism provides a comprehensive living and learning environment for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For additional information visit: and
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You Have Been Invited to "Aristry Resource Hour"

You have been invited to attend an "Artistry Resource Hour" at the Debbie Forums.

Artistry Resource Hour is the perfect time for you to ask questions, contribute and learn from others!  We hope that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!!

Schedule: (All Times are Eastern Time Zone)

07/24/2011 (9:00pm) - Crafting with kids and for kids
08/3/2011 (9:00pm) - Crafting with kids and for kids
08/10/2011 (9:00pm) - Getting ready for craft show season
08/28/2011 (9:00pm) - Essential oil and herbal fun with crafting
09/7/2011 (9:00pm) - Essential oil and herbal fun with crafting
09/14/2011 (9:00pm) - Organizing your work area
10/12/2011 (9:00pm) - Getting your feet wet with small scale wholesaling
11/9/2011 (9:00pm) - Detailing your MP soap - layers, embeds, highlighting mold details.
12/14/2011 (9:00pm) - Lotion bars and lip balms are easier than you think!

To participate in the event, simply sign up for a free forum account.  Just prior to the event, sign in and click on the "chat" link.   Each event can have 250 attendees logged in at one time.

Hope to See You There!!

Debbie May
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Statement by Debbie May - Response To The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011

Statement by Debbie May, President and CEO of Wholesale Supplies, Inc
Response To The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011

Ÿ   I support safe cosmetics, the fundamental goals of this bill and phasing out harmful chemicals in cosmetics. I support the publication of available ingredient safety data for use by cosmetic manufacturers. I support placing the responsibility for ingredient safety testing on the companies that invent and manufacturer the ingredients.

Ÿ   I support the provisions the bill provides for micro and small businesses exemptions. It is important that new regulations do not create barriers for entering the industry and do not incidentally hurt small businesses already producing safe cosmetics. I personally thank the bill sponsors for listening to past concerns and including micro/small business exemptions in this legislation.

Ÿ   I will continue to work and educate committee members about our industry and how the details of this bill can be improved so that our industry and my customers are not inadvertently and/or negatively impacted.

Ÿ   I will continue to work with elected officials, their staff and officials at the FDA to identify the intent of the language of the bill so that only accurate and correct information is disseminated to our industry.

Ÿ   I will continue to travel to Washington DC and look forward to participating in future bill discussions and amendments with the House Energy & Commerce Committee and Members of Congress including the Sponsors of the Bill.

Ÿ   I support the work of The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild (HSMG), a non profit trade association, who has worked tirelessly to maintain open lines of communication between elected officials and industry leaders so that the details of this bill can be improved for our industry.

The full text for HR2359 can be viewed here.

Wholesale Supplies, Inc. is based in Broadview Heights, Ohio and is a leading supplier of ingredients for small and micro businesses producing soaps, cosmetics, candles and home fragrance. The company was founded in 1999 and has over 80,000 customers in the United States producing products in the handmade industry. 

Debbie May is the Founder, President and CEO of Wholesale Supplies Plus as well as Debbie May, LLC.  For more information on Debbie May’s advocacy efforts and policy positions, visit
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2 New Candle Kits with Wood Wicks

Wholesale Supplies Plus is pleased to offer 2 New Candle Kits with Wood Timber Wicks that CRACKLE!

These kits have been designed to make (10) 6 oz candles in metal tins. Wick is made of timber wood and crackles! If you are making one of these kits and planning on selling your candles, we recommend a retail price of $10.00 per candle. This will give you a profit of $56.20!

Each kit has been designed to make (10) 6 oz candles in metal tins. Kit includes:

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Crafter's Choice Timber Wood Wick Video

The Crafter's Choice Wood Timber Wicks are in stock and ready to ship.

These wicks are a new design and are far better than any other wood wick we tested.  They have a great throw, awesome crackle and amazing flame. 

For additional information, click here.

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Customer Service Update

I wanted to provide you with a brief but important update regarding customer service at Wholesale Supplies Plus.

As many of our customers are aware, Karen is our customer service and office manager. She has been with our company since 2001. What you may not know that Karen is also my mother.

Unfortunately, my mom had a heart attack at work yesterday and was taken to the hospital. She was stabilized quickly and is doing fairly well. Frankly, we are lucky to be located in Cleveland, Ohio with world class cardiac care. My mom will undergo triple bypass surgery on Friday and is expected to be off work for 6-8 weeks.

I know many customers call in with special circumstances and requests that Karen has handled for you. Often these are for pallet and international orders. Sometimes it is for a special payment requests. One of things Karen does best is making customers happy with the little things we don't even know about. While she is out, we want to continue her good work therefore....

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