While we all know the content, quality, and visual impact of the soap itself is super important, the packaging of it can play just as big of a role in sales. We have seen so many great ways to brand your soaps to make them your own while creating packaging that just screams to be bought. From time to time, we'll compile pictures of packaging WE love in hopes to inspire your own packaging ideas.

See below for this week's 'Pretty Packaging'!  

The rustic simplicity of this soap packaging by Janelle Anderson of Prunella Soaps is a perfect way to showcase her soap. The circular craft paper label with the clearly defined brand name is a classically crafty touch. The vintage candy wrapping lends to the rustic feel of this eye-pleasing package. To use a poor oxymoron, it looks professionally handmade. The branding is clear, the design tone is thorough, and the overall design is a wonderful way to display her soap.
Sohum is an Australian based cosmetics company. Their Grand Vegetale soap and candle lines have bright, bold, vintage-inspired packaging we love. We've displayed them below for your viewing pleasure. The colors correspond with the type of soap or candle scent while remaining true to the look and feel of the graphics used throughout the line. The branding stays true while allowing some variances to the overall design. 

The packaging from Rocky Top Soap Shop is the epitome of classic simplicity. A brown craft paper wrap with stylized font detailing the soap and creating a strikingly simple, but highly recognizable brand. The soap itself is showcased as you can clearly see, smell, and feel the soap without disturbing the wrapper. 
Tazaa Soap packaging design is actually a concept from Jesse Kirsch, a designer who includes this as part of his student portfolio from SVA. You can find why this packaging design was picked for showcase on the website I pulled it from (just click on the picture), but for us, we have our own reasons. We love the simplicity and color matching aspects of this packaging. Clean is the name of the game which is perfect symbolism for soap. Clean font, clean design, and clean color use are all elements that make this a striking packaging design.
We hope you enjoyed the inspiration for today. We'll bring you more packaging design soon from both high-end retailers, homemade small businesses, and designers! 

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