This palm free cold process soap recipe feels great on the skin.  Made with coconut oil and luxurious Shea Butter.  Natural grapefruit essential oil adds to a refreshing experience!


24 oz. Water
13 oz. Sodium Hydroxide
27.6 oz. Coconut Oil
13.8 oz. Shea Butter
46 oz. Olive Oil
4.6 oz. Castor Oil
8 tablespoons Activated Charcoal
Optional Nettle (for sprinkling on top)

  1. Add lye to water, stir and let cool. In a separate pot, melt coconut and shea butter, then add room temperature oils. At desired temperature for oils and water (between room temperature and 115F recommended), add lye solution to oils and bring to very light trace. Put stick blender aside and stir in activated charcoal by hand. If there are any lumps, use the stick blender to smooth out the consistency (this is why it is important to add the charcoal at very light trace).  Next, stir in grapefruit essential oil by hand. Pour into mold.
  2. If soap gets thick, be sure to tap down the mold firmly. This will release any air bubbles. 
  3. Let sit overnight covered with plastic wrap to prevent any soda ash. Release and unmold. Cut into bars. Cure for 4 weeks before use.

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  1. What size mold would you recommend?

  2. Hi Crombie! This will fill our WSP Wooden Soap Loaf Mold:™+Wood+Long+Loaf+Soap+Mold

  3. What attributes does the charcoal add to the recipe?

  4. Do you have to use the activated charcoal? Dark colored soaps don't sell well in my shop.

  5. That isn't much essential oil for that large a batch. Is there any scent? I find 1 oz per pound of oil is needed to produce enough scent, but I've never made a grapefruit soap. A customer asked about it recently but it didn't seem like something I wanted to try. Any feedback is appreciated.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it!

  7. I've never made soap before... Questions:
    1.When we add the Lye to water why does it say "let cool"?
    2. What is the charcoal for?
    3. What is light trace mean?

  8. Activated charcoal is known for its high absorption power and antibacterial properties.
    It removes toxins from beneath the skin, making it a wonderful acne soap. It's great for
    normal, oily, dry and problem skin types. You do not have to use the activated charcoal in this recipe. Typical usage rate for fragrancing CP soap is .5 to 1 oz. per pound of oils.
    The amount needed depends on the temperature at which you are soaping.
    Soaping at high temperatures tend to dissipate the fragrance more quickly.
    Also, you can use less fragrance if you water discount.

  9. Hi Anonymous! Please refer to our Learning Library for tips and tricks for new soap makers. You'll be able to find the answers to your questions, plus so much more!


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