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Embellish soaps and cosmetics with special labels and specialty paper. Print a customized design onto embed paper then embed it into melt and pour soap for a personalized soap bar. Customers and friends will love it! Specialty labels let customers know the product is handcrafted, and entices them to buy.

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Crafters Choice™ Embed Paper for Soap (Water Soluble Paper)
Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11". Great for printing special designs and messages for embedding into bars of melt & pour soap. Paper remains intact until soap is used to point of embed. At that time, paper dissolves in water. Only for use with laser printers.
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$1.95 for 1 Piece
$5.95 for 10 Piece
$37.95 for 100 Piece (10 - 10 piece)
All Orders Over $40 Ship Free In USA
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Foil Wrappers - Silver (50 foils per pack)
Each pack contains 50 foil wrappers.
Each Wrapper Measures: 4" x 4"
Color of Wrappers: SILVER ONLY
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$0.95 for 0.02 Pack (1 foil)
$4.95 for 1 Pack
All Orders Over $40 Ship Free In USA
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Handcrafted Seal/Label - Gold Embossed
Stick these gold handcrafted seals to your finished cosmetic products for an extra touch. Also adds a more professional look!
Measures: 1.5" Diameter.
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$0.95 for 1 Piece
$5.95 for 50 Piece
$45.95 for 500 Piece (10 - 50 piece)
$90.95 for 1000 Piece
All Orders Over $40 Ship Free In USA

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